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opowiadanie musi zawierac od 100 do 130 slow. oceniana bedzie realizacja teamtu (5pkt) forma wypowiedzi (1pkt) poprawnosc gramatyczno leksykalna, stylistyczna oraz interpunkcyjna (4pkt)



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That was a very sunny day, Sundy and Zoe went to the forest to find muschrooms to soup. Sundy had a 19 years old, she had a long brown hair, blue eyes, and she was wearing a top and shorts. She was very nice and talkative girl. Zoe was younger than Sundy, she was 17 years old.She had green eyes, brown short hair and she was very rude girl. They had a very nice life, they parents was rich, the every day they spend in school, after they help in home.the even took place in forest, where they meet a young boy, who caught in a trap for rabbits. Sundy decides to help him. The boy called Rafael he was new in town, he had 21 years old, he was a dark hair and dark eyes. He look so preety in branded clothes. sundy fall in love with him at first sight. they meets everyday, until finally they got a married and they lived happili even after.