Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. ever, never, never, ever, ever, never, never, never, never
I have never been there...
I have never visited...
Have you ever seen....
I have never had...
Anyone has ever seen...
No one has ever painted...

Have you ever been on the radio? No, I have never been on the radio
Have you ever ridden a motorbike? Yes I have
Have you ever been really embarrassed? No I have never been really embarrassed.
Have you ever pulled someone's leg? No i have never pulled someone's leg.
Have you ever felt angry with somebody? No i have never felt angry with somebody.
Have you ever had an argument with your best friend? No I have never had an argument with my best friend.

embarrassed - transport - fourteen
famous - vauable - built
competition - railway - station
somewhere - annoyed - cheer
thought - something - photograph

5.transport, conductor?, museum, engine, tube, airport, bus, .....?, station

6. seen x, stupid x, let's x, museum v, likes x, there's x, says x, was x, saw x,is,x