Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
The first weekend of the break I spent with my friends in Szczyrk. It was the great! We left Friday morning and we got there by the evening. We were so tired after the trip that when we got to the hostel we went straight to bed. On Saturday morning after breakfast we went mountain climbing. The weather was great, it was sunny and bit cool. We decided to go for a sleigh ride. The ride was really exciting but walking back down the mountain was rather tiring.

Around 5 pm. We returned to the hostel and ate lunch, then we went for a walk. The evening in Szczyrk is really beautiful. After returning to the hostel we ate supper and talked for a long, long time.
On Sunday we decided to go skiing because in Szczyrk there are two wonderful ski runs. The guys tried snowboarding and it looked like fun. Later we started a snowball fight. Of course the girls won and guys had to cook dinner as a punishment. After dinner we watched the fireworks in the centre of town. They were excellent.
Unfortunately on Monday morning we had to return to Mińsk Mazowiecki, but I can happily say that it was one of the best weekends of all.

na pewno dobrze ;]
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