Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I believe that school is needed and it should go. The school is a useful thing, which teaches us to act as a second home for family and certainly should be.
My opinion about the school justifies such arguments as the first school to spend a nice time, meet a group of his colleagues, experiencing first love. Secondly, we learn many new things useful in life, acquired new skills, develop our interest and educate our talents. Thirdly, we should do at home? Of course, at the beginning it would be great, life without stress tests, and science, but in the long run, we started to get bored or that it was such a wonderful? Probably not, in August we started to get bored. School is not bad, and it looks like it can be.
To sum up all these arguments, I believe that the school was needed, it is needed and necessary and must be made to walk on it because it ensures that the subsequent existence of life and full of impressions.
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