Musze napisać wypracowanie po angielsku;(( opisać jakiś wybrane państwo .

według schematu;
6.famous people
8.interesting palces

baaaaaaaaardzo proszę o pomoc :))\
z góry dzieki;**



The population of Sweden is 9.2 million inhabitants which 85% of the population lives in urban areas.The official language of Sweden is Swedish which is nearly the same as Norwegian and Danish .
Most of Sweden has temerate climate , southern and central Sweden has warm summers and cold winters with highest temperatures from 20 to 25 °C in summer and average temperatures of -4 to 2 °C . While the northern part of Sweden has shorter, cooler summers and longer, colder and snowier winters.The capital of Sweden is Stockholm . Stockholm has the population of 818,603 in the city, 1.25 million in the urban area .
Stockholm lies in the south of Sweden...................
Agnetha Fältskog was one of the singers in the pop band Abba.Fredrik Ljungberg a Swedish footballer .
Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and institutor of the Nobel Prize.
One of the most interesting places in Sweden which is a mountain region in the south of Sweden, Laponia is made up of many national parks.Fishing is a popular activity in Sweden as there are lots of angling lakes in there.

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