Napisz kilka zdań w języku angielskim o swojej miejscowości.

Proszę o kilka zdań - jakichkolwiek, byleby sensownych- o wiosce.! Chciałabym, żeby były one przede wszystkim ` z górnej półki gramatyki`. Tzn. jakoś tak, żeby wyglądały na skompikowane i trudno ułożone!.

(Uwierzcie, to podnosi ocenę) :*



I love my village/ country.
In my country I can do everything.
I can play basketball, but I prefer ride a bike.
There is a church, 2 stores and a primary school to which I attended.
My house is situated in the centre of the village.
I like it very much because I have there many friends and pleasant neighbours.
I love animals, and I have a little cat.
I wouldn't move to any other city or village.

plose o naj
My city is very interesting. There are a lot of things so that you can not get bored. There are many interesting shops, supermarkets. A lot of extra-curricular activities. There are club sports, a set of fields for games, swimming and the like. There are many interesting and beautiful places that we visit. My city is great!
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