Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Pedro was taking photos when he dropped his dog
2.Laura was doing aerobics when she hurt her foot
3.Ben and carol were dancing when they saw Greg.
4.Paula was recording an interview when the phone rang
5.jack was listening to music when he fell asleep
1.Are Pedro and Gabi going to have dinner now?
Yes they are
2.Are the group going to do drama exercises?
Yes they are
3.Is Jack going to miss Westsiders?
No he isn't
4.Is Somon going to grt his revenge?
Yes he is
5.Is YTV going to broadcast the recording?
No is isn't
1.Tamsin isn't going to appear in another soap
2.Liam Swam is going to leave Westsiders
3.We are going to have a tour of the studio
4.The actors are going to come to the party
1.will 2.will 3.will 4.won't 5.won't 6.will 7.won't 8.will 9.won't 10.will 11.will 12.will

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