Daje najjjj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cześć muszę zrobić opis tego obrazka poniżej napisane jest co ma zawierać ten opis;
-present continous
- In the picture I can see...
-there is/there are
-have got
(musi być ponad 120 słów) Z góry dzieki !!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the picture I can see a lot of people.
In the foreground I can see two boys who are skateboarding.
In the background I can see a man who is reading a book, woman who is holding a baby in her hands. Probably she is mother of the baby.
I can also see a guy on a bicycle. There are some trees and next to the biggest one i can see a flying bird. In the right corner of the picture i can see a house.
Boys are wearing t-shirts, shorts and trainers. A boy with a skateboard is wearing a baseball cap. The woman have long, streight hair.
She is wearing jeans and blouse.
Her bag is lying on the ground next to her legs.
I think her little baby is laughing.
The man who is riding on the bike is wearing a T-shirt with stripes and trousers.
Man who is sitting on the grass has short hair and he is wearing a suit and a tie.
The weather is beautiful: heaven is clear, it is not raining. Probably it is sunny. All people in the picture are happy. The general atmosphere in this picture is fully positive because everybody here is happy.

hope you'll be glad ;p licze na najj