Prosze niech ktos odpowie mi na te pytania bo nie umiem zbytnio angola dopiero zaczyna sie uczyc heh

Do you like going to the theatre?why?/why not?

Have you ever performet on stage?Did you enjoy it?
Have you ever been to a concert ?What was it like?
What things do you expect to see at a concert ?
Do you reviews before you decide to see film ar a play?Why?/why not?
Do you often go to the cinema ?why?/why not?
What are your favourite kinds of films ?why?



So I performed. I played in the play Fri Hansel and Gretel
so I was at the concert madonna. it was very good
You can hear a beautiful voice madonna
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Yes I like going to the theatre becouse there we can learn a lot of things.
2.No I'M never perform at stage.
3. Yes. I was one time in the concert. It was great, the atmosfer was great and the people singing with the singer.
4.I expect a great performing without singing from the tape.
5.No, becouse if I like something i must see it even the review are not good.
6. Yes I often going to the cinema becouse I like the special effect and a great atmosfere.
7. The most I like the comedie becouse they make me a smile.
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