1. Yes, i do.
2. Really, it is down to what you wear. If you do not feel comfortable in the outfit you have chosen or if it is “not you”, you are going to have a rubbish time.
3. Some people play musix an the streets because they haven't a money for life and this is a work form.
4. Music in my life is very important. I love this. I listen music all time.
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1. Yes i do. Most interesting for me is rock concert.
2. I think people before rock concert is drinking alkohol.
3. In my opinion these people want earn some money.
4. Music helps me in my life's problem.
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1.I dont' like to go to concerts because there is a loud.
2.People usually before a rock concert are very excited.
3.I think people play music on the streets to listen to her.
4.Music plays in my life, a very important role. Thanks to her I'm calm and composed.

mam nadzieje ze pomoglam ;P
pozdrawiam. ;)
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