1 write a postcard to a friend about your holiday
2 complete the sentences about Tamara
Tamara is on holiday......
she wrote a poscard to .......
she travelled by...........
on the journey she.....
yestarday she ........ because.....
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Piszą postkartę do przyjaciela o Waszym Świecie 2 skończony wyroki o Tamara * * * * Tamara jest na Świecie ...... Ona napisała * poscard * ....... Ona podróżowała przez ........... Na podróży Ona ..... * * yestarday ona ........ dlatego Że .....
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Hi Caroline, (imię przykładowe)
I hope you`re fine. I want to ask you something. How you spent your holidays?
I had a great fun. After the year school ended, I flew to Greece. It was nice weather and nice people, so my family and I spent a lot of time in beach and we swam a lot. When we came back to Poland, I spent one week in my house, but it was nice time. Then I went to my granparents and I played with my cousins, swam in a lake, and climbed trees. The weather was not always good, but we had computer and board games, so we didn`t bored. In the last week of holidays I went home, becouse I must prepared to school: I must bought school books, a new pencil case and notebooks. Then school year started. :(
How about you? Please, reply soon!
Best wishes,
Julia. (imię przykładowe)

2. Tamara is on holiday in Japan.
She wrote a postcard to her best friend.
She travelled by plane and car.
On the journey she met nice people and had fun.
Yesterday she went to hospital, because she broke her leg.
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