Siema mam napisać 2życiorysy na poł strony 1 ofc.. Po Angielsku
w nich ma znajdować się:
1.Jaką ta oSoba ma Prace
2.Kiedy i gdzie ta osoba się urodziła
3.Co było 1 Płytą Lub Filmem
4.Znana Płyta\Film
5.Gdzie ta osoba teraz mieszka
6.Jakie ta osoba ma Hobby?
Daje 40pkt!!;D
z Góry Dziex



Nicolas Cage is an American actor. He was born January 7, 1964 in America. His first film was "Best of Times" in 1981.The best-known films include : " Wild at Heart", "Leaving Las Vegas", " Con Air", " City of Angles". He loves to be a director what is his great passion.He lives in USA with his wife and son. He likes old cars and movies. He loves to surf and swim.Received an honorary doctorate of Fine Arts, California State University Fullerton in May 2001. His gold star on the famous Walk of Fame was unveiled July 31, 1998.

Tom Hanks is an American actor, producer, writer and director. He was born July 9, 1956 in USA. His first film was " He Knows You're Alone". He played a lot of the best films. The best-known films include : " Forrest Gump", " The Green Mile", " Cast Away" , " Catch Me If You Can" "The Da Vinci Code" and "Philadelphia".He is a fan of Star Trek, and of The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five and the English club football league Aston Villa.He was married twice. He has got a four children. His ex-wife died at 2001 year of bone cancer. He lives in USA with his family.