Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
  • Użytkownik Zadane
Winter in city causes the traffic jams and makes inconveniences on the roads and pavements. Especially elderly people complaint about it as they are subject to breaking their legs. For me winter is gorgeous season. It is the only time when I can go skiing and what is more the winter associate with Christmas. Last year because of greenhouse effect there was Christmas without snow so I was upset. It lost its magic. I love when trees are covered with a snow, houses are decorated with Christmas lights and the day is shorter so there is a dark everywhere and the snow connected with lights make special aura. I have always dream about living in whichever of Scandinavian country as I would like to try playing curling, ice hockey and practice cross country or even biathlon. In Poland I will never have such an opportunity as polish government spend only a little money on sport developing and the practices of these sports are expensive or I need to have special equipment. Also it is impossible to play these games alone (except cross country) and I do not know anybody to play with. The other think is that I hate gardening. Raking up the leaves and mowing the lawn are those activities, which I dislike mostly. In winter the ground is coverer by the snow so it solves the problems.
I think that everybody has his own favourite season and it is nonsense to convince of which one is the most beautiful.

My favourite season is Summer. Then on city streets one can see crowds of tourists which at all costs want to see some monument, the statue or other attraction. In the summer everything is full of life and joy. Nobody walks sad. Everyone are bursting with an energy. In the summer it is possible to go for holidays, to practise water sports, to play the beach volleyball and a lot of other attractions.