Mam prosbe ktos rozwiaze mi zadanie z angielskiego..
1. write a short description of your partner ( wymysle cie cos ;P).use the words in exercise 1-4 to help you ( sa w tych adjectives cruel, sociable,cheecky, forgetful) then read out your answer .does he/she agree?

NA dzisiaj pomozcie ;)
z gory dzieki :)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I want to describe Caroline.
She is fifteen and she is my best friend.
Caroline is very optimistic. She's generally a very cheerful person and she always sees good points in everything.
I like her because she isn't vain or reserved. She's open-minded and funny. She likes people and she has many friends.
She is very ambitious too. She permanently wants to be better, she has good marks at school, she does many things after school - for example she plays piano and she runs very often.
What are her bad points? She can be a bit forgetful and untidy. Sometimes she is too self-confident. Although she has her bad points I really like her because I can always trust her to help me and it's very important for me.