Mógłby ktos to za mnie napisac? bo opuscilam duzo lekcji i nie mam totalnie pojecia o co chodzi ^^

Write a poem on fear according to this formula:-
- What colour is the emotion?
- What does it taste like?
- What does it smell like?
- What does it look like?
- What does it sound like?
- What does it feel like?

proszeee o pomoccc !! ;)

helppp ;D heheh ;*



What is fear?
It's my greatest enemy.
It is always red in my dreams.
It tastes like a cold blood.
Its smell reminds me of a rotten fruit.
It looks like a giant leech
sucking out the rest of my common sense.
Its sound is like a howl of a dying animal.
It always sends a shiver down my spine.
That is what I call the real fear.