Wyobraź sobie ze jesteś na letnim obozie i uczysz siię uprawiać nową dyscyplinę sportową .Napisz list do emily w którym odpowiesz na poniższe pytania .

1.Were sre you ? Do you like it there ?
2.What sport are you learning ?
3.How many hours a day do you practise ?
4.Is the weather good ?
5.Have you got any ew friends?
6.What do byou do in the evenings ?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Emily,
I'm writing from the summer camp in France. The weather is fantastic and the atmpsphere is great! I love it here.
Last week I started learning how to scuba-dive. It is the best sport I have ever tried. I practise almost every day and I spend at least two hours underwater a day.
As I mentioned before, the weather is beautiful. The sun is shining and the temperature is always above 25 degrees.
I have met a lot of fantastic people and I have made some friends. I spend with them all evenings. We go to a cinema, restaurants and sometimes we go swimming in the lake in the evening.
When I come back, I'll tell you more about the camp. I can't wait to see you.


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Dear Emily!
I'm in the middle of forest, on a camp. I love this place! It's like my dream come true.
I learning sailing and it's so great! I practise 3 hours a day. Twice a week we go to nearest town and sightseeing.
The weather is perfect. For example now it's sunny and there are no clouds on the sky.
I have a lot of new friends. I flating fith crazy Ann. She has 3 brothers and she's so happy to flating with a girl.
In the evening all of us going to go to bonfire and we just have fun. We singing camping song, telling scary stories and laughing at all.
I miss U, Emily!
How Your holiday?
Please write to me soon!