There isn't any apples.
There aren't any pizzas.
There isn't any milk.
There isn't any rice.
There is some orange juice.
There are some apples.
There is some burger.
There are some chciken.
There aren't many bananas in the basket.
There aren't any eggs in the fridge.
There isn't much sugar in the bowl.
There isn't any bread at home.

There are some potatoes in the cupboard.
There are a lot of tomatoes in the fridge.
There is some milk in the bottle.
There is a lot of flour in the packet.
There isn't any pear on the plate
There aren't any apples on the table
There isn't any milk on the bottle
There isn't any rice on the plate
There is some orange juice on the glass
There are some apples.
There is some toast
There are some rolls