Bardzo proszę o pomoc w rozwiązaniu zadań:
1. Write a list of the rules you have to follow in one of these situations
a)at school
b) at home
c) when you're playing a sport
2. Imagine you are the head teachers of your school
a) write a new list of rules
b) read other pairs'rules
c) have a class vote for the best rules



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. [w poleceniu jest, że tylko do jednego podpunktu, więc wybrałam szkołę - podpunkt a]
At school.
You have to be polite.
You have to switch off your mobile phone.
You can't talk to your friend during the lesson.
You have to listen to your teacher.
You have to write notes.

2a. [mogę zrobić tylko podpunkt a, bo pozostałe są do wykonania na lekcji, z klasą]
New rules.
- You can use your mobile phone on lesson. ;)
- You can talk to your friend if you want to. ;)
- You don't have to listen to your teacher. ;)
- You can run around the classroom. ;)