Nowadays it is commonly believed that contemporary human being is unable to live without electronic devices.
In every aspect of our lives we come across various electronic facilities. When we think about it for a moment, we will notice that digital devices are everywhere: at home, on the streets, in shops, banks and different places of entertainment. We cannot imagine life without a computer or TV in our houses, fast cars on our roads, possibility to pay with a credit card in a supermarket, ability to withdraw money from a cash machine, or see the latest film in 3D version.
Moreover, electronic devices are not only used in our everyday life. If we think about health service, we will come to a conclusion that without professional electronic equipment, doctors would be unable to save our lives. The contemporary diseases are always treated with specialist devices, and thanks to them our life expectancy is much longer nowadays.
As we can see electronics dominated many aspects of our lives. Would it be possible to live without all those new inventions? The answer is: no. Humankind is programmed to search for new solutions, gather more and more information about the world and space. People will forever create electronic devices and they will not function without them.
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