I'd like to be a football player because you earn much then. It's also very good profession because you are famous and people know you.
I'm training very hard so maybe I'll have a chance to be a well-known footballer. One of the occupation that I wouldn't like to work is a policeman. It's very dangerous and you may die in each moment. It's also not too good because you earn very little.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nowadays when we live in a modern world and everything is still changing people have to think about the most important thing in their life like profession. Since I remember I would like to be a football player. Everyone knows that is really well paid job and what's more football is the most famous game in the world. Football players often have beautiful girls , fast cars and huge houses. One thing what I should do to be football player is my hard work and exactly talent.

On the other hand I would never be a policeman. Nowadays are lots of crimes , vandalism , kills. I think it is not profession for me. I know that policeman is very important person in our world , but this job is really dangerous and not well paid.