On holiday recently I was in Australia there were very hot. One day We left the interior of Australia drove to visit the holy mountain of Ayers Rock or Uluru. jechalismy długo around 2 weeks. very I liked the place but we were too short. the next day drove to Melbourne to play tennis. later went to aceanarium I met a lot of fish and shark
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Hi Anna,
Yesterday I returned from holiday. It was fantastic! The weather was wonderful. All day I went into the mountains. In the evening with friends singing around the fire and ate sausages. I slept in a tent near the river, I felt good, but a little scared. This was a wonderful holiday. I hope that we will meet in the next holiday.

I send greetings, Amanda
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I was on vacation in Florida. There is a warm and sunny. Clean water and hot sun. Want to live! Most like crabs. They were red and had a hard crust. Overall, very pleased me there! I hope that I will go there next year.