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1)Sally asked a policeman the way.
2)Sally and Jack didn t want to miss the show.
3)Jack ran after Sally.
4)Greg was waiting for jack and Sally.
5)Can jack and Isit next to you and Ben?
Sally and jack were looking for the theatre.
They were looking for it.



1. She asked him the way.
2. They didn`t want to miss it.
3. He ran after her.
4. He was waiting for them.
5. Can they next to you?
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1)She asked him the way.
2)They didn't want to miss this.
3)He ran after her.
4)He was waiting for them.
5)Can we sit next to you?

Tylko w 1 nie jestem pewien ale reszta na 1oo% dobrze :)
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