Dear Mark

When Then came the day of departure. We arrived at the airport, where after briefing and safety control, it turned out that the flight is delayed. As I have already boarded the plane (line SunExpress) found that more space in the back seat of a baby in the seat than the air. Toilet was blocked, and the service even though they flew in Polish Polish word.
After landing in Turkey in the parking lot before the terminal waiting for us Jettouristic representative. Broken Polish language told us that we have to go "there". Around the park were all sorts of positions only to travel agents we do not have. So upset when a Turk went to show us exactly where we go. It turned out that we had to go right away where the bus was waiting for us, "rezydentka" who barely spoke Polish. She put us on the bus, told us in broken Polish language as we complete the amenities of the report card (as it explained that they all came to that where every type), got out and started. You must spend some time with me to listen about my holidays

Sweeet Piotrzzz xD