Tower Eiffla this one from the most characteristic and the best well-known architectural objects in Paris. Called also the "Lady of Paris", she by many be recognise for symbol of France.

Building possesses, exceptional, easily recogniseable, open - work construction. Supported on four powerful supports joint with bows, narrowing towards mountain with slender kratownicową construction. In transparent and cloudless day, from top of Tower the Eiffla stretches the beauty the panorama of Paris and the view on laid terrains even about 42 miles in every side.

Gustaw's Alexandra the tower was built in year 1889 by French engineer of building of bridges the Eiffla, with of World Exhibition organized guided on hundred-year anniversary of French revolution opportunity. In one's time, she made up about economic power as well as technical French nation.

Building possesses three scenic platforms on height 57 m, 115 m and 274 m. The general height of Tower Eiffla this 324 m.

Annually Tower Eiffla attracts about 3 million tourists from whole world.
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