Chodzi mi o to by tego tekstu nie tlumaczyc tylko napisac jak sie to czyta po angielsku poprawnie

Experience the magic Hamleys.This legendary store located in Regent Street ,has seven floors full of the latest toys, coputer games traditional teddy bears and a specialist collectors' section
Every visit to Hamleys is special.

Portobello Road has been a market since the 1800s ,but it became especially famous for its antiques in the 1950s .Now there are many stalls that offer everything from fruit and bread to posters clothes ceramics and music main market days are friday and Saturday with a smaller market running Monday to Thursday an exciting day out for all the family

Harrods is one of the world 's most famous department storees It started in 1849 as a small grocey store with only two assistans Today it offers everything from food to fashion furniture to sportswear plus 20 restaurants serving all kinds of dishes from pizza to sushi At night 11,500 light bulbs illuminate the store



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Eksperiens de medżik Hamlejs. dis legend(ż)ri stor locejted in Redżent Strit hes sewen flors ful of de lejtest tojs, kompjuter gejms, tradiszynol teddi birs and e speszjalist colektors sekszyn. ewri wizit to hamlejs is speszjal. Portobelo rołd hes bin a marked sins de łan hałzen end ejthandrets bat it bikejm espeszjali famous for its antikłes in the najtinfivtis. nał der ar meni stols dad ofer ewrifink from fruit and bred tu posters klołts seramiks edn mjuzik mejn market dejs are frajdej end saturdej łyf e smoller market ranning mandey tu thjursdej en eksciting dej ałt for oll de famili. harrods id łan of de łyrds most famous departament storis it started in ejtinfortinajn as e smol gorłsej stor łif onli tu asistens tudej it ofers ewryfink from fud to faszyn furniczyr tu sportsłer plas tłenti resteurants serwing ol kinds od diszes from picca tu saszi at najt eleven hauzen and fajvhandret lajt balbs illuminejt de stor