Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Nie za bardzo rozumiem tego "o spotkaniu dwóch koleżanek" bo nie wiem czy mam opisywac w e-mail do koleżanki ze spotkalam kolezanke, czy inaczej:)ale napiszę tak:

Dear Ewa,
thank you very much for your message. I know that you do not have time now, but can we meet. When you have time? recently I met my old friend. We talked not long ago.Then I told her about you. We talked not a long time unfortunately. You musst her meet.
Once again thank you and greet.

Dear cousin,
sorry so late but I did not the time. I wanted to write to you about the meeting with Kate. She asked about you. Kate said she would like to talk to you.I said that he would soon arrive. By the way was very nice.Luckily , that we will in touch.You respond quickly:)