I spent my winter holidays very actively. In the first week I was in Zakopane. I was skiing and snowboarding there and also walking in the mountains. The weather was great so my stay there was successful. In the second week I also wasn't bored. One day I went for a trip on the bike together with my friends. It was a good occasion to admire landscapes in nearby area. I never realized that I lived in such a beautiful place! Another day I was on the trip in Kraków. I visited all the most important and most known antiques of this one of the prettiest polish cities. It was my eighth time there but I still can't have a good look at it! After I came back I was playing basketball and volleyball with my mates. It was so cold outside so we had to play on the sports hall. Then unfortunately our school break was finising. It passed so quickly! But I didn't waste my time because It was the best winter holidays in all my life.
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