Nie wiem co znaczy krótkie:)

Winter holiday is a very nice time. I always spend it with my best friends. We meet every day. In the morning we often go shopping. The afternoon is the funniest part of a day. Then we ski or skate. In the evening we go to a restaurant and eat some good meals.
We enjoy the fact that we have spare time.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
So let's get it done:

I spent the first week of winter holidays in Puławy. In the mornings, me and my friends/colleagues attended gym and pool, and in the afternoons, we skated on ice. We had a lot of fun as some of us skated for the first time ever. The girls, who already had skills in skating on ice, had the greatest fun. In the evenings we organized common outings to have a pizza. We also were going to club, playing ping-pong and snooker there. It was funny, and nobody was bored. During my spare time, I was going to the cinema with my brother, listening to the music and playing computer games.
The second week, I spent with my grandmother in the country. I've got many friends there who I could have finally got to see.
We organized sleigh rides, for which we invited all our acquaintances. There was a lot of fun and falls. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Our favorite pursuit was snowballs war.
We also liked to climb the hills and then ski downhill. I learned how to ride a snowboard, but I hardly succeeded. In the evenings I was playing with my dog which was very upset when I had to leave. Time went by very fast.
I memorize those winter holidays very nicely, I regret they finished so fast.