In the future I'm going to be a policeman. I think it's very interesting job. After I pass a high school diploma I'm going to get to the police school. I'm very fit so I shouldn't have any problems with fitness tests. I'm also very good at law what will be necessary in this school and later in my work. Another important thing in such a profession is speaking foreign languages. That's why I learn English and German with pleasure because I know it will be needed for me. I've never been too timid so meeting with a dangerous criminal won't be extremely hard for me. Another advantage of this job is possibility to help other people. It's a thing that I love! There is nothing what I like more than helping.
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Najpierw chcialam cinapisac sama ale znalazlam fajniejsze... :P

Esej o wybranym zawodzie-he Pros And Cons Of Working As a Policeman

Some people think that this job is easy and ordinary, but others think that being a policeman is very hard. Really working as a policeman have got many advantages and disadvantages.

There are several advantages of working as a policeman. At first, it is a very suprising job, because everyday policemen are able to do different things. For example, they could be on patrol one day and they could look for evidence the next. Second, it is exciting job because policemen are able to track down suspect criminals and burglars. Is addition, this job is interesting, because policemen pursue people who park or drive illegaly and they punish them. Policemen also look into the interesting matters. I think that all is important, but the most important advantage is job satisfaction.

However, there are also a number of disadvantages of being a policeman. To beging with, it is a very responsible and stressful job, because the policemen must protect people. Futhemore they have got nigh shift. For this reason they must be alert, brave, careful and professional. They must be prepared to deal with any number of situations that may avise. Policemen must have got experience and technical skills in their work. In addition this job is also dangerous, because they expose oneself to danger, through searches for criminals. It is a tiring job, because policemen often have to work long and they mostly work outdoors. In my opinion the biggest disadvantage of this work is not well paid profession.

To sum up, i think that being a policeman can be difficult and hard. It is dangerous to track down criminals and expose oneself to danger. This work require sacrifice and extensive traning.