My locality it Łomża. It is antiques a lot, which (who) suggest visit. There is cathedral (department), ice rink and basin. City in north-east poland, in podlasia province, over river Narew. It lies on historic mazovia, on its (his) biggest land of (earth of) land (earth) łomżyńskiej. Capital of province in lats (summers; years) 1975-1998 łomżyńskiego. Headquarters of (seat of) administrative district from 1 january 1999 year łomżyńskiego and capital of administrative district grodzkiego. There is capital of diocese from 28 october 1925 also church roman catholic łomżyńskiej. It main economic center Łomża, educational and cultural land (earth) łomżyńskiej and one of main three city of podlasia province beside Bialystok and Suwałk.
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