Napisz trzy zdania prawdziwe i trzy nie prawdziwy o życiu Samanty .

First of all Samantha, what is Motocross?
It's motorbike racing, on special off-road tracks.

Is it dangerous ?
Yes, it is, but I'm crazy about it- especially going to races. I'm often the only girl and I like competing against boys !

How often do you go to races?
I go to races on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Motocross riders are very fit, so I know that you work out at the gym. How often do you go the gym ?
I work out at the gym three times a week on Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons, but I don't like it very much. It's a bit boring. I prefer swimming. I go swimming twice a week on Sunday and Thursday.

Samantha loves motocross but she has a very hard life. She gets up at a quarter to six every day and she always goes to bed early. She sometimes misses the active social life that her school friends have. Now she hordly ever goes shopping with her friends or to clubs. She often watches TV in the evenings and sometimes listens to music.

How often do you go out in the evenings?
I go once a week on Saturday, as I'm usually very tired

Samantha has got a boyfriend, Mick. He works in the local motorbike shop and he helps her look after the bike.
How often do you see your boyfriend ?
I usually see Mick every day, but we only go out in the evening once a week on Saturday night. He's very patient, thank googness! He knows that motocross is my life .




Samantha loves motocross.
He gets up early in the morning and goes to sleep quickly.
Samantha has a boyfriend, Mick.

Samantha boyfriend works in the clothing shop.
Samantha has an easy life.
Will of the gyms in the pool.