Jaki to czas i jak to ma być poprawnie w tym czasie

1. Marry met her husband while she (work) ... in the States.
2. I (live) ... in a hall of residence when I was a student.
3. I remember meeting your brother last summer, but I (not meet) ... this year.
4. It was very noisy next door. Our neighbors (have) ... a party.
5. When I (see) ... him, he (go) ... to school.
6. I (see) ... you while you (drive) ... yesterday.
7. I (not) ... like coffee.
8. Please (call) ... me.
9. Bob (leave) ... his wallet in the classroom.
10. I like (play) soccer.



1...while she was workisng in States.(Past Continuous)
2. I was living....(Past Continuous)
3. but I haven't met him this year.((Present Perfect)
4.....were having a party.(Past Continuous).
5.When I saw him, he was going to school.(Past Continuous)
6.I saw you while you were driving yesterday.(Past Continuous)
7. I don't like coffe.(Present Simple)
8. Please call me.(Present Simple)
9.Bob has left his wallet in this classroom.(Present Perfect)
10. I like playing soccer.(Present Simple)