I in future am going to study and I after studios would like to coach foot ball
In the future I would like to work as a secretary in the office. I think nadawałabym to this work because I am very thorough, independent and very quickly establish a new acquaintance. This work seems to me very easy and does not convey a very great difficulties. The only problem in this work seems to me to fill the documents. This work is primarily a computer service, meetings and appointments for the fulfillment of various documents. The person performing the work must be primarily self-contained, intelligent, diligent, flexible, accurate, and above all must be nice compared to others. But also must have a university degree and be familiar with at least one foreign language. People doing this job because it offers many opportunities and is well paid. In this work, you can meet many interesting people, and by the way from them something else to learn.

Myślę że pomogłem.
In the future I would like to become a writer. Write stories for children ... I really like to write novels, nursery rhymes and other stories. I admit-I am in this really, really good. I have another dream to be a journalist. I like to conduct interviews and want to know happening in the world. I have a weight who dreams to be in the future, but these are the most. Mam nadzieję, że będzie dobrze...wiesz jetem w 4kl. i to sama napiałam. wsumie ta klasa jest dwujęzyczne i na dodatek rozszerzony anglik... ;) pozdro dasz naj? plz