Napisz opowiadanie po angielsku na 12 zdań zawierających słowa takie jak:expedition, journey,virgin, widow, space, large, bright, returned, recoverd, grin, world, sirious, deeply, paw, hoof, claws, tusks, feather, fur, tail, beak, scales, turned up, pulled, warned, told, upset, decide, pay, receive, hero, road mender, navigator, a torch, parking metre, scaffolding, weaver, shoe maker, loom, whistle, plough, reside, prophesy, describe, destroy, believe, ginormous, motel, saddle, bow, arrows, quiver, helmet, reins, dog, turn of the century, time zone, decade, dot, blade, grain, shred, clue, breath, gredy, moustache, sword, root, fearse, candle flame, illuminate, powerful, exile, look up, look in, unscrapulous, banned, safeguards, gnaw, cast a spell, dawn, dusk, year, blacksmith, an axe, sailor, anchor, anvil, welder, companion, foe, rival, torch.
Bardzo mi to jest potrzebne jak najszybciej będę wdzięczny.



My father is journey.
I belive that you like me.
i have hot beautifull dog.
in my room is big window.
I pay money in shop.
Kubuś Puchatek is my hero's.