In Saturday I get up about nine o'clock. I eat breakfast, and I begin clean my room. When I cleaned room I listen music. Next I eat lunch. Next I go to friend or I clean living room. I eat supper, and I go to bed.

Takie zwykłe proste;) Liczę na naj..;**
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I wake up at 6. o clock. I eat brekfast. I go to school. I back for schoot at 5 pm. I eat dinner. I do my homework. I play computers game. I wash. I go to sleep.
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Saturday is today. I get up about hour ninth morning. I dismount from bed and I go to kitchen, to to ruin breakfast.
I wash teeth, and I come in to lounge then and I look at television, sitting on sofa.
I go on mountain, to room and I play on computer.
I eat dinner then, I go out from house and it was crossed after locality.
Evening comes. I come back to house I eat supper, I wash oneself, and I wash teeth then.
I come in on mountain, I change in pyjamas, I switch off lamp and I lie down to bed about hour dwódziestej second thirty.

Nie ma za co Iza:D
Luz <luzik>
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