Answer the questions about the advert and the dialogue .
oto dialog
Hi , Laura . It's me Rosie . What are you doing this afternoon ?
we're going to the Party in the Park concert in Hyde Park . Mum and Dad are taking us .
you're so lucky ! Who's paying ?
Sugababes and Busted .Why don't you and Jack come too? Ask your mum. Go on !
Mum , can i go to the pop concert in Hyde Park this afternoon with Laura ?
are her parents going ?
yes, ok .
Great ! Yes , i can come . WhAT TIME ARE YOU LEAVING ?
cool ! See you soon .

Ułuz odpowiedzi do tych pytan za pomoca dialogu .

1What date is the Party in the Par concert?
2.Where is it ?
3.What time does it start ?
4.What time does it finish ?
5.How much are the tickets ?
6. Who are the singers and bands?
7. Who is Laura going with ?
8. Can Rosie go Too ?

obok tego dialogu w ksiazce znajduje sie krotka notatka i o ktorej rozpoczyna i o ktorej sie konczy ten koncert.

The hottest pop acts of the year in Hyde Park at Europe's biggest one - day pop event .
Rozpoczyna sie
sunday 6 th July
Tickets 25,00 ł - punds
3,30pm - 9,30 pm

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 this concert is 6th july
2 concert is in the Hyde park
3 concert start at 3.30p.m
4 finish at 9.30p.m
5 ticket cost is 25 pounds
6 singing will be sugababes and busted
7 laura going with rosie
8 Yes rosie going too
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