Hi, Fran!
I write you a letter from holidays, spend it in Australia.
I'm on holiday here in Australia with my mum, dad, brothers and sisters. It's very hot here, so we often swim in the sea. At the moment I'm siting in an Internet cafe with my brother and we are drinking mango juice. He really likes it, so we come here every day. In the evenings we play footbal on the beach. Tomorrow we're going to Bayron Bay. It's got a lot of surf shops. I hope you're having a good time.
How are you?
See you soon,

liczę na naj... proszę
Google translate. dobrze tłumaczy nawet gramatycznie ale trzeba uważać.

Zasada prosta:
nie piszesz jezdziłem na rowerze tylko ja jezdziłem na rowerze. dajesz osobe i bedzie ok. wszystko przetłumaczy