Potrzebuje 10-15 zdaniowych wypowiedzi na każdy z podanych tematów.
Daje dużo punktów i oczekuje pracy na poziomie, z dobrym słownictwem.
Jeśli pojawią się jakieś prace z translatorów albo skopiowane z innych stron to od razu będzie to zgłaszane jak błąd/spam.
Daje NAJ dla osoby która prześle najlepszą prace. Ocenię w sobotę. Wiec jeśli nie masz pomysłu, to nie pisz byle czego.

.6. What natural disasters do you know and what can be done to help their victims?
.8. What kind of newspapers or magazines do you buy? Why?
.9. How do you feel about celebrating foreign customs in Poland?
.15. Is it good or bad to show emotions?
.20. Do you like surfing the net? Justify your opinion?
.22.How can teenagers earn some extra
.24.Will three-generation families survive in the future?
31.How do commercials influence our life?
33.Should we save money?
34.What should an ideal teacher be like?



33.Should we save money?

In my opinion we should save money, for the reason the money are very important in our life. When we spend all money what we do we don't have more on other things. For example: There is mr Schmit and he earn 3000 for month. He bought fridge, went eating out and something others. In half month his car was broken and he did't have any money to pay for repair. Other example there is familly: a men a women and 3 children. They don't save money and they wont to go on holliday to warm countries. That travel cost 8000 for 5 people, but they have only 6000 money. Of corse they can buy on credit but that option is very bad since they have to reimburse to much.

I think saving money is very important and we cen pay in account and the money are raised.