Undrline the correct world.

1. I think I've gained weight. These jeans don't FIT/MATCH me anymore.
2.Here's your 10p CHANGE/MONEY.
3.I hope you haven't THOUGHT/CHANGED your mind.
4. In that MOMENT/CASE you'll need to take some warm clothes with you.
5.Can you please COLLECT/PACK my post while I'm away?
6.I hate standing in long GUEUES/SITES.
7.In the future everyone will shop WEBSITE/ONLINE.
8. Josh FELL/SLIPPED on a banana skin and broke his leg.
9. What are you going to WEAR/DRESS to Tom's wedding recetion?
10. That black shirt SUITS/LOOKS verry nice on you.



1. Fit
2. Change
3. Changed
4. Case
5. Collect
6. Queues
7. Online
8. Slipped
9. Wear
10. Looks
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