I had a great summertime. At the beginning of this holiday I visited my grandmother. She is very nice person and she lives in the countryside(na wsi)

I was bored sometimes because I did not take my computer so I played football with my friends. They live there and I can see them only when we visit our lovely(wspaniała) grandmother. I and my family were there almost(prawie) two weeks. In the evening I watched football mathes(mecze) with my father. Next, I was in Germany Belgium(Belgia) and Holland . My father took me with him because he delivers (dostarcza) supplies(zaopatrzenie) . I visited many cities like Berlin Arnhem(takie miasto w Holandi) and Edinhoven( miasto w belgi). In August I had my free time . Everyday I played football. This is my favourite(ulubiony) sport. The weather usually(zwykle) was bad and sometimes it was raining and storming(była burza). My brother and I often went to swimming pool because practising sports is good for your health(zdrowie).

My summertime was fantastic and I regret(żałować) that it is over now. I will have great memories of this holiday that has ended.(które sie skończyły).

Napisałam Ci to własnymi słowami. Przy niektórych napisałam znaczenie bo mi było lepiej pisać a tobie bedzie lepiej czytać i tłumaczyć. Pozdrawiam ;)