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Volcanic eruption, volcanic eruption (the second term, precisely this: violent eruption, in practice, used as a synonym of the eruption) - the phenomenon of escape to the surface of the earth or the atmosphere of any volcanic material (magma, piroklastycznych materials, volatile matter: gases, vapors). Due to the form of eruption is distinguished by:

* Central eruptions (eruptions point) - currently the most common type of eruption, during which the volcanic material mined from the spot volcanic crater or its immediate neighborhood;
* Eruptions linear (linear eruptions, volcanic slot) - volcanic material, mainly basaltic lava is mined along the slits in the crust. In the geological past, such eruptions are common, as a result created vast cover of lava (traps);
* Submarine eruptions, which occur on the seabed, are frequently the product of lava cushion. As a result of the accumulation of volcanic materials derived from such volcanic eruptions formed the island;
* Arealne eruptions - known for its geological past, consisted of extracting the volcanic magma is not cable, but on the whole vast area, such as by remelting of rock overburden (the name of the eruption, also sets arealnej many volcanic eruption in some area, fueled by a common volcanic Comoros) ;
* Hydroerupcje - due to pressure of water vapor generated by the contact of surface water or groundwater with magma or hot rocks by it.

Depending on the type of material during the eruption wydostającego stands out:

* Effusion (effusive eruptions, volcanic lava) - mined under the influence of cracks in the lava crust and move it toward the Earth's surface (two types of volcanoes: circular and domed);
* Explosive eruptions - escapes piroklastyczne materials and volatile products, it is usually violent in nature;
* Mixed eruptions - lava flows at the same time provide materials piroklastycznych and volatile materials.

Volcanic explosions are often accompanied by earthquakes.
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