Cześć.Pomóżcie mnie angielski:-) Plis.Trzeba opisać jaką kolwiek miejscowość, w której jakoby odpoczywałaś.Oto po tym planie:
1.Where the place is and why you went there.
2.Further details about the place/weather conditions
3.What you saw and what you did there.
4.How you feel about the place and whether you recommend it or not.
Plis napiszcie mnie:-) Dam naj:-)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I spent a recent holiday in krakow. is a Polish town in the south. I went there because there are many beautiful places and sights to visit. this is a wonderful historic city. old houses doing a great impression. can not look on without end. I did a lot of the photos.
the weather was beautiful, so I could visit.
Among other things, visited St Mary's Church, the Wawel Castle, the old city, market. When I was tired, rested in the charming cafes. Also I met many interesting people with whom he made friends.
I felt great in the city. With a pure heart, I can recommend to the city for leisure as it is beautiful and friendly.