Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
On holidays I was not going anywhere. I sat at home but I have most often met with friends. We sledged and we did the shopping in the centre. I spent these holidays in my city.
My winter holidays were a bit boring. One day I went with my friends to an ice rink, but there was nothing interesting . I was skating one hour and then I came back home. Then I played computer games and I was bored. Almost each day passed me.

This year, spent the holidays at home. the first day of school holidays I went to the court of some of her friends to ride in the sleigh. However, the Amiga too cool because, as every year I work in the sleigh. already so spent the winter holidays and wychoac the court of the seat in the house.

mysle ze pomoglam :-) licze na naj plisssssssssssssss