1.Put the verbs in bracelet into the past simple or past continuous.

It was cold winter's day and Tim (1. play) in the garden of a big house. People (2.say) that the house was haunted, but Tim (3.not/believe) them. He (4.decide) to go into the house and see for himself. He (5.listen) careffuly for any strange noises as he (6.enter) the house. but he (7.not/hear) a sound. He was nervous and his heart (8.beat) fast. He (9.walk) down the hall when he suddenly(10.feel) someone touch him on the shoulder. He (11.shake) when he turned around nut there was no one there. Scared, he (12run) as fast as he could out of the house. Perhaps there (13.be) a ghost in the house after all!

2.put the verbs in bracelets into the past simple or past continous.

1 he was sleeping heavily when the alarm (go off)
2 She (cycle) to work when she (get) a flat tyre
3 I (surf) the net while they (watch) the news on TV.
4 Ron (hurt) his knee while he (play) football.
5 First he (have) a shower, then he (eat) his breakfast.
6 Peter (help) his dad in the garden while his mum (wash) the car.

3.Fill in: did/ didn't, was/ wasn't, were/ weren't
1. A: what ... you doing at 9 o'clock yesterday evening ?
B: I ... practising the piano.
2. A: ... you post my letters?
b:No, I ..... . I .... so busy that I ... have time to go to the post office
3.A: ... you feel exahausted when the test ...over?
B: No, actually I ... . In fact I .. in a great mood beacuse I .. have to study anymore!
4. A: .... the painting the living room all day yesterday ?
B No, they ... . They ran out paint and had to wait until Monday to buy some more!
5. A: ... Bob fail his driving test ?
B Yes, unfortunately he ... and he decided not try ever again!
6. A: Why .... the plane take off ?
B: Beacuse there ... a terrible storm and one the engines ... working propely.
7.A:What ...the boys do at the weekend ? .... they go fishing_
B: No, they .. beacuse Luke ... feeling very well.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. was playing
2. were saying/said (tak i tak pasuje, ale raczej were saying bardziej odpowiednie)
3. didn't believe
4. decided
5. listened/was listening (tu tak samo jak w 2.)
6. entered
7. didn't hear
8. was beating
9. was walking
10. felt
11. was shaking
12. ran
13. was

1. went off
2. was cycling; got
3. surfed; were watching
4. hurt; was playing
5. had; played
6. helped/was helping; was washing

1. were
B: was
2. did
B: didn't; was; didn't
3.didn't/did; was
B: didn't; was; didn't
4. (tu powinno być chyba they a nie the, tak jak zamiesciłeś/aś) were
B: weren't (i tam dalej "ran out OF paint")
5. didn't
B: did
6. didn't
B: was; wasn't
7. did; did
B: didn't; wasn't