1. I have done my homework.
2. I haven't done my homework.
3. Have I done my homework?
4. She has broken the window.
5. Has She broken the window?
6. She hasn't broken the window.
7. You have washed the car.
8. Have you washed the car?
9. You haven't washed the car.
10. Peter have gone to the bank.
11. Have Peter gone to the bank?
12. Peter haven't gone to the bank.
13. We have been to Paris.
14. Have we been to Paris?
15. We haven't been to Paris.
16. Julia has finished school yet.
17. Has Julia finished school yet?
18. Julia hasn't finished school yet.
19. I have already seen this film.
20. Have you already seen this film?
21. I haven't seen this film.
22. I have been to London.
23. Have I been to London?
24. I haven't been to London.
25. I have always wanted to go there.
26. Have I always wanted to go there?
27. I haven't wanted to go there.
28. I have found his telephone number.
29. Has she found his telephone number?
30. She hasn't found his telephone number.
31. She has closed the door.
32. Has she closed the door?
33. She hasn't closed the door.
34. Someone has taken my bag.
35. Has someone taken my bag?
36. They have changed their plans.
37. Have they changed their plans?
38. They haven't changed their plans.
39. I have understood this text.
40. Have you understood this text?
41. I haven't understood this text.
42. The bus has just left.
43. He has lived in Worsaw for many years.
44. I have never liked icecreams.
45. He has studied History.
46. He hasn't studied History.
47. Has he studied History?
48. She has worked in this firm since 2005.
49. She hasn't worked in this firm since 2005.
50. Has she worked in this firm since 2005?


1. She has live in Brazil Since 1992.
2. He has been ill for three days.
3. They haven’t visited their grandparents since last month.
4. I have been a policeman for twenty years.
5. Karen hasn’t home since October.
6. He hasn’t travelled by boat since last summer.
7. I haven’t gone to Paris for six years.
8. Jack has worked in Canada for ten years.
9. She hasn’t been abroad for two years.
10. Jeff hasn’t called since Monday.
11. We have already visited The Statue of Liberty.
12. I have never been to football match.
13. The boat to Sweden hasn’t left yet.
14. I haven’t finished reading the book yet.
15. I have never travelled by plane.
16. Sophie has never been to an opera before.
17. She has just finished cooking dinner.
18. He told me his name but I have forgotten.
19. They have just arrived.
20. I have lost my wallet.
21. He has just sent an email.
22. I have just had lunch.
23. We have just seen a famous actor.
24. Her English has improved.
25. John has just gone out.
26. She has just come back from school.
27. I have already been to the bank.
28. We have met a lot of people in the last few days.
29. I have drunk four cups of tea today.
30. We haven’t seen each other for a long time.
31. She hasn’t eaten anything since breakfast.
32. I have seen Harry Potter film five times.
33. He has never ridden a horse.
34. I have always lived in this town.
35. I have never learnt Spanish before.
36. Mum has made a delicious omelette.
37. I haven’t called her yet.
38. I’ve bought some eggs.
39. Jack hasn’t typed the letter yet.
40. I have only been to London twice.
41. I have been a teacher since 2006.
42. She has written five emails this morning.
43. They have just got married.
44. I haven’t read the newspaper since yesterday.
45. I have been able to read since I was 3 years old.
46. We haven’t heard from them since they moved to New York.
47. She hasn’t invited us to a party yet.
48. I haven’t spoken to him since last week.
49. She has been in the bathroom for half an hour.
50. We haven’t played together since last month.
51. It is the best pizza I have ever eaten.