Welcome ways Marek! What's up? Do you have some plans for the weekend? I am going to go on Saturday to Cracow for the shopping. Then I will pop into the cinema to some interesting film. On Sunday I am going to go to the church in the morning, and then to meet with friends. I hope that we not long will also meet. I am greeting you
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On,fraiday.I am play computer games or surf the Internet.i tolking on the phone.my friends and im go to the cinema.
on,saturday.I m sllepower.i m tides on my room.
on,sunnday. My friends and I play football.I watch on TV
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Anna,
How are you? I hope you`re doing you`re fine.
Sorry I haven`t written for so long but I`ve been busy.
At this weekend I`m going to a more rest. I want go to the cinema with my friends. Later I`ve planned that I go a swimming pool. In the evening I`m going to go a disco with my boyfriend. I want some dance.
Would you come to me in the next week?
I look forward to hearing from you.
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