Mam do wyboru 10 tematów i mam napisać to w formie takiego opowiadania w sensie, ze : np, jezeli o muzyce to pisze: Lubie hip hop lubie chodzic na dyskoteki i takie cos z zycia wziete.
To sa tematy z ktorych musze wybrać 2:
1. Daily routines - rozklad dnia czynnosci
2. Interests / likes / dislikes.
3. Music.
4. Sport.
5. My hous.
6. My town / country.
7. My family.
8. My friends.
9. My pet.
10. My future.

Prosze o pomoc



9. My pet.
I have got one dog and 2 cats in my house. My dog is called Max, he is brown and black. I often walk my dog to park. My cats are called Mufa and Puszka. Mufa likes Whiskas food and she also likes sleeping in my bed. Puszka is very active pet. In the evening I always play with her.

7. My family.
My family include me, my sister and my parents. My sister is 10 and her name is (imię). She likes computer games and volleyball. My parents are dentists and they have got own surgery. We spend together much time.