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In my opinion it is better to live in the city than in the village. In the city you can closer to school where you want to study. When you are sick you don't have to wait too long for a doctor. Also you can go shopping by foot, because markets are not very far from your house. The products in the markets are cheaper than the same products in the shop in the village. In the city there are more fun: cinemas, theatres, discos, swimming pools.

sprawdź to jeszcze bo mam z ang dobre oceny, ale czasem robię głupie błędy gramatyczne
Disadvantages of dwelling in the city:
1. Many pollutants.
2. Overpopulation.
3. Noise.
4. People living in continuous gear.
5. Traffic jams at drogach6 has WERD Green
7. You must have a lot of money to live

Disadvantages of rural dwellings:
1. Some problems related to communications.
2. Fewer large shops.
3. We know.
4. People in the countryside are wścibscy.
5. Everywhere is far away.

The advantages of an apartment in the city:
1. More shops.
2. Lack of problems related to communications.
3. Plenty of entertainment
4. A variety of attractions.
5. Is more anonymous
6. Greater labour market

Advantages of rural dwellings:
1. More silence and calm.
2. The fresh air.
3. Little people.