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Napisz według podanego tekstu opowiadanie o duchach, które będzie odpowiadało dna podane pytania i odpowiedz na nie:
1. When did the story happen?
2. Where did it happen?
3. What were the ghost?
4. Who was the ghost there?

my parents bought a house in Scotland and, one day, I saw ghosts! I was in my room when I saw them. First, I saw a mnan. He was stading next to the window. Then I saw woman. She was sitting on the bed They were very sad, so it wasn't scary. I spoke to them, but they didn't speak to me. After that, they disappeared and I didn't see them agin. The next day, I read a story at the library. Many years ago, family lived in our house. The parents died and their daughter stayed in the house with her aunt. I offten see the sad ghosts, but I'm never frightened. I know that they're looking for their daughter.



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My parents bought a large and old house in Scotland. many nights that I spent in it was strange but I remember the most because that night I saw with my own eyes the ghosts! First I saw a man who stood facing the window. Later I saw a woman - sitting on the bed with his head down to the ground and a sad face .. It was not until that terrible. I tried to speak to them but unfortunately they did not meet me. after about 5 minutes gone. the next day I went to the library in a nearby town and found the information on the families who lived in this house long ago before us. was written in the newspapers that the house was killed a little girl when the parents were not home. Now late at night sometimes when I see how to move next door does not afraid because I know that looking for his daughter
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