With the Polish accession to the European Union and the opening of frontiers, the Poles can easily travel to many European countries. Not only can freely leave the holidays, but also you can take legal work and study at universities. Poles, as a place of wages usually choose England. However, it is not only a place where you can not only find well-paid jobs, but where you can really relax. United Kingdom is the perfect resting place for a holiday for people who do not like heat and wylegiwania idle on the beach, but who enjoy the mild climate and visit interesting sights. One of the most interesting lands located in the British Isles is Wales.

Wales is one of the four components of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Wales is a land of Celtic history, from which many famous people.

Poland Polonized version of the name is the English name for Wales, which is a Germanic Exonym and endonym derived from the Germanic word "Walha" which means stranger or foreigner. The word "Walha" probably derives from the name of a Celtic tribe Volcae. Welsh, Welsh language, which, in addition to English, serves as the official language of this land, called his country Cymru (pronounced Kamri) and myself Cymry, which in starowalijskim means "countryman, countryman."

Wales is located on the Irish Sea, in south-western part of the island of Great Britain. The capital is Cardiff. Wales Area is 20779 km ² and is inhabited by nearly 3 million people.

Wales tumultuous history is intertwined with the fate of England. There is in them the same political system, it connects the person of the queen, but it has some autonomy. Welsh economy is based primarily on the industry, as well as the services sector.

Wales is a country ideal for holiday trips. Many interesting and historic cities in Wales, offering not only great hotels, but most of all the many sights, including the magnificent medieval castles. You might want to go to Wales, 1 March, when the memory of St falls. David, the patron saint of Wales.

Wales is also an interesting place to study. Numerous universities, the most renowned University of Wales educate people around the world.

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